Monday, January 30, 2006

The show is ZzzZzZZzzz so far...Outstanding!!

Cute, Lazy, funny, and more importantly my intelligent childhood Buddy ;)

Sunday, January 29, 2006

The way I see it # 53

Be exceptional. Make tremendous efforts to be extraordinary. What a privilege to be here on the planet to contribute your unique donation to humankind. Just make sure you do so…

Next time that you are having a cup of coffee at Starbucks try to pay a little more attention to your cup! You will be surprise with the outcome !

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Messenger of Borderless music

It was his picture that caught my eyes and made me listen to his first single “Roma” about 4 months ago. The song lyrics were not Persian, the dance moves weren’t Persian, for God’s sakes his last name wasn’t Persian, but his feature especially his eyes were Persian! Although his name was in the Iranians of the day I still couldn’t believe that he was Persian. I listened to his second hit “Hena”. It started with khaled signing Arabic and then I thought, “there you go, again they mixed Persians and Arabs”.I was confused about his nationality till I heard him saying:” Hena, Hena he, emshabo naro!!” and that did it for me. After all I didn’t make a mistake, and this breathtaking, highly charismatic handsome creature was Persian ;) After listening to his album” Borderless” I always wanted to write something about him and I never did. Well since I love his music style so much that I haven’t listen to anything since ages ago, I thought I should talk about him and get it out of my system.
Cameron Cartio was born April, 9,1978 in Tehran, Iran. He moved to Spain with his parents when he was seven and a year later they went to Malmo, a city in southern Sweden. Right now he is living in Stockholm where he believes is the capital of art and entertainment. He believes Sweden is his home now, but he can’t be more proud of his nationality, as he says: “I am and will always be Iranian. I’m Proud to be Iranian and will always love and cherish my native country”.

The first time that I listened to his breakthrough song “Roma”, I was so confused and I started asking myself “ which language is that? Swedish? Italian? Spanish?German? Creak? Hmmm Persian?!?” Honestly till this moment, I haven’t figured it out .Since Cameron wants to be the messenger of borderless music, what languauge is better than a non-existent and innovated language.Well, Regardless of the language, I believe this amazingly handsome and talented young artist will make it to the top in no time .He chose to hit a different button and I bet this decision of him will pay off soon, as variety is the spice of life!
Lets cross our fingers that Persians like other middle-Easterners, Scandinavians, Greeks, Germans and French appreciate Cameron’s unique style and artistic image. Let’s hope that finally Persian community has found a talented star who can put Persian music on the map!

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Real image, I don't think so!

When even a mirror can’t be truthful and reflect a “REAL” image, leave the rest alone! Don’t be surprise, pack your bags and leave the town. I bet it will be a long journey afterwards!

Monday, January 23, 2006

Ever-changing Taste or Unsatisfied Spirit ?!

Two years, such a long time. I can’t waite, and I wanna move in now, Right Now….
I still can hear tone of my voice in my head, and remember how excited I was about moving out of my parents’ place. Well, here I am without any enthusiasm or excitement whatsoever!
I’m confused, frustrated, and can’t believe myself. It’s like I am dealing with a stranger and that stranger is no one except “precious me”! SURPRISE, it’s my lost version!
Being lost in your own little life could be the worst pain of all. It frustrates you, pushes the limit for you, and takes you to the end of your life where nothing is waiting for you other than disappointment.
Something definitely happened to me that I’m totally unfamiliar with. Unbelievable!! for the first time in my life, I can’t diagnose my own disease …;)
Human nature is weird and unpredictable. One minute you die to have something, and put too much afford to get it. The next minute when you finally get it, you loose interest, you are tired of it and wanna move on. How pathetic is that?!?! Actually I have to say how routine is that in our daily lives. I always wonder what is the cause of such a behavior, is it our ever-changing taste or unsatisfied spirit?!? Well, either one can be disruptive and dangerous in its own way!

Friday, January 20, 2006

Dance like nobody is watching ;)

I couldn’t care less about my hair, my make up, my outfit, and overall they way I looked last night. I was so happy and relieved, as I didn’t have to wear high heels; I know they are sexy, but for God’s sakes they are uncomfortable. I can’t walk with them, let alone dancing!! For the first time, I wasn’t self-conscious about eyes that were following me around. I was just wandering around aimlessly and not worrying about who I was going to bump into. I wasn’t living my own life for few hours; I was this person who cared about nothing but enjoying the music all night, and dance with my comfy shoes;) The music was so loud and powerful. I could feel it penetrating in every single cell of my body. What am I saying, it was penetrating my soul. I was getting High without Drug. My drug was one-of-a-kind; it was “Music beats”. I was dancing like crazy, jumping, and screaming at the top of my lungs in the most energetic and carefree crowd that I had ever seen in Van city. No one really cared about my appearance or the way I danced . If someone bumped into me whether it was intentionally or not, they would give me a sweet smile instead of a dirty look. To me, last night was the real definition of heaven; a place that you can dance like no body is watching!( Yes, that place exists, you just have to look for it!) A place where ppl with different viewpoints, genders, backgrounds and races, gathered together in harmony for one and only one reason.They gathered to witness the famous Deep Dish .The Persian superstars I would say! Deep Dish simply rocked the house last night and I think every single Person who likes music should once feel their magic! It’s a must. As I anticipated, Persian population was about 5%, and it’s such a pity that a lot of Persians never get the chance to feel the beat of their own well-known superstars! Well, this is not shocking news to me! It’s so typical of us, Persians, to let other nations appreciate our treasures; in this case Deep Dish!

Saturday, January 14, 2006

I saw him!!

Despite “motionless me”, the dark sky was all shaking, screaming, and crying out loud Last night. I was standing still at the bus stop and randomly checking out passerbys. At the same time, I needed to nag someone about how much I hate to waite for my ride in that cold dark night! The only thing that kept distracting me from my so-called “miserable life” was the song that I was listening too. I love music; it really can disconnect you from the real world and ease your pain temporarily! Sometimes listening to music really works like magic for me, and yesterday was one of those days. Anyways finally, I got on the bus and as always sat on the seats that belong to the disabled elderly people. (I am not suppose to sit there, but I always do it . I can’t help it; it’s just me wanting to swim against the flow). While, I was so into listening, I notice the entrance of an old man who was wearing casual raincoat and blue jeans. I moved one seat toward the rear end of the bus and gave him my seat. Then, I sat there gazing at him and suddenly I knew who he was. I looked at a girl in front of me, and she gave me a sweet smile, confirming my findings ;). Although I wanted to believe my instincts, I was still in dark. Well it didn’t take long before a young fellow moved toward him and started talking to him. That was exactly what I wanted, but my phone rang, Dmn!!!!! I had to answer it . I tried to make the phone call short, so I could listen to them, but unfortunately he left the bus before I was done. I was so curious and excited, so got myself together and asked the fellow if that old man was David Suzuki, and he said Yes! It was so flattering .For the first time, my hypothesis was proven to be right, what could be better than this!! I saw David Suzki, the Japanese-Canadian ubc zoology professor, geneticist, public lecturer, and environmental and civil rights activist who gained international recognition for his research into temperature-sensitive genetic mutations in fruit flies, work that won him, for three years running (1969-71). David Suzuki, who has more than 11 honorary university degrees, and was presented with the 1968 UNESCO Kalinga Prize for science writing, etc, etc…I was so excited. Honestly I never thought I would see a scientist in the bus. I still can’t believe my eyes, If I didn’t know him, I would have say he was a very ordinary man who was just struggling to live. It’s so funny how we just judge ppl from their cover and without any info. Well, getting back to my transportation problem, I still don’t like the idea of waiting for my ride at the bus stop, but I guess everything that we do in our lives has its pros and cons, even taking bus home at a cruel dark rainy night!! You could end up seeing someone that you can never see if you are driving ;)

Sunday, January 08, 2006

New Year or Me?

The waiter just came to refill our teas and he wasn’t just refilling. He was in rush, and he was splashing tea all over the table! He kept forgetting about my friend’s miso soup and honestly when he brought the soup, there was no spoon! After 10 minutes finally, we got a spoon plus waiter’s attitude on the house!! We all decided to not leave any tips for him with that poor service, so we left about total of 12 cents;) If you think this is unacceptable, check this out! We wrote a note and mentioned that next time, if they provided a better service, we will tip them and then we ran away fast! Come on, at least we justified our action and try to give them some hints for making more tips in near future! The next day, we went for brunch; there, we had a far worse waiter; He kept taking away our foods, and he brought the bill without us asking for it! How rude is that?!? Anyways, since our table was at the far end of the restaurant, choice of leaving no tip and running away wasn’t an option at all, so this time we decided to tip him less than 15% and SIT!! Yes we sat there for about 30 minutes after paying our bills. The waiter was so frustrated, but he couldn’t do anything. The way that we are progressing, I think next time we just dine and dash! That could be fun, but we have to make sure to sit in the patio in order to prevent any dishwashing in the restaurant! Now that I think about it, it really amazes me cause I truly believe that no matter what, you should tip your server and there were times that I had far worst servers and I tipped them. I don’t know what came over me. Could it be the New Year, am I losing my virtue and morality, or it’s just an older version of me who doesn’t believe in enforcing the inappropriate behavior anymore!

Monday, January 02, 2006

If I could...

If I could stop it at this specific moment, it could never go all dark and cruel. Hey what should I say; sometimes it’s out of your hands. Just learn to sleep on it, or stay up all night and you will see the colors again, lighter colors indeed!!!

Sunday, January 01, 2006

“No More Regrets of Any Kind for Me”

Making New Year's Resolutions is an excellent idea; even we usually do violate them before the second week of January! I believe trying and loosing is always more admirable than not doing anything. This year, stop biting off more than you can chew, just think of something small that you can change, it could be anything! Remember, small steps could lead to the bigger ones. I remember one year my New Year's Resolution was to wake up early, so I didn’t have to miss my amazingly interesting 8:00 a.m Biochemistry class! Well as much as it sounds funny and childish, it worked for me and I didn’t miss a class afterwards, and that meant, I had my own notes and I didn’t have to beg my classmates for getting notes. I also felt so good about myself by keeping my New Year’s Resolution! So how about this year?
Since I don’t have any other INTERESTING classes, I have to think of something bigger this year. A dear friend once told me to dream big, and always ask for more, so I am about to think of something bigger. Maybe this year, I want to be the best I can be! This best could cover a whole range, so that could be hard to accomplish in a year! Then I think being the best you can be, is the thought that you must carry with you all the time and it doesn’t need to Waite for a new year. So saying all that, how about this year’s resolution? mmmm….Since I am not a risk taker, I want to take more risks, living on the edge could be fun in its own way. I also want to fight to my last breath for what I want, and that means, fighting for what I want at the right time, or regretting it for the rest of my life. I don’t want to let another magic moment to pass me by, “No More Regrets of Any Kind for Me”. Oh Oh,I forgot to say that chocolate intake has to decrease as well ;) I can go on with this list, but I prefer to bring it rather than sing it!