Thursday, January 26, 2006

Messenger of Borderless music

It was his picture that caught my eyes and made me listen to his first single “Roma” about 4 months ago. The song lyrics were not Persian, the dance moves weren’t Persian, for God’s sakes his last name wasn’t Persian, but his feature especially his eyes were Persian! Although his name was in the Iranians of the day I still couldn’t believe that he was Persian. I listened to his second hit “Hena”. It started with khaled signing Arabic and then I thought, “there you go, again they mixed Persians and Arabs”.I was confused about his nationality till I heard him saying:” Hena, Hena he, emshabo naro!!” and that did it for me. After all I didn’t make a mistake, and this breathtaking, highly charismatic handsome creature was Persian ;) After listening to his album” Borderless” I always wanted to write something about him and I never did. Well since I love his music style so much that I haven’t listen to anything since ages ago, I thought I should talk about him and get it out of my system.
Cameron Cartio was born April, 9,1978 in Tehran, Iran. He moved to Spain with his parents when he was seven and a year later they went to Malmo, a city in southern Sweden. Right now he is living in Stockholm where he believes is the capital of art and entertainment. He believes Sweden is his home now, but he can’t be more proud of his nationality, as he says: “I am and will always be Iranian. I’m Proud to be Iranian and will always love and cherish my native country”.

The first time that I listened to his breakthrough song “Roma”, I was so confused and I started asking myself “ which language is that? Swedish? Italian? Spanish?German? Creak? Hmmm Persian?!?” Honestly till this moment, I haven’t figured it out .Since Cameron wants to be the messenger of borderless music, what languauge is better than a non-existent and innovated language.Well, Regardless of the language, I believe this amazingly handsome and talented young artist will make it to the top in no time .He chose to hit a different button and I bet this decision of him will pay off soon, as variety is the spice of life!
Lets cross our fingers that Persians like other middle-Easterners, Scandinavians, Greeks, Germans and French appreciate Cameron’s unique style and artistic image. Let’s hope that finally Persian community has found a talented star who can put Persian music on the map!


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