Saturday, January 14, 2006

I saw him!!

Despite “motionless me”, the dark sky was all shaking, screaming, and crying out loud Last night. I was standing still at the bus stop and randomly checking out passerbys. At the same time, I needed to nag someone about how much I hate to waite for my ride in that cold dark night! The only thing that kept distracting me from my so-called “miserable life” was the song that I was listening too. I love music; it really can disconnect you from the real world and ease your pain temporarily! Sometimes listening to music really works like magic for me, and yesterday was one of those days. Anyways finally, I got on the bus and as always sat on the seats that belong to the disabled elderly people. (I am not suppose to sit there, but I always do it . I can’t help it; it’s just me wanting to swim against the flow). While, I was so into listening, I notice the entrance of an old man who was wearing casual raincoat and blue jeans. I moved one seat toward the rear end of the bus and gave him my seat. Then, I sat there gazing at him and suddenly I knew who he was. I looked at a girl in front of me, and she gave me a sweet smile, confirming my findings ;). Although I wanted to believe my instincts, I was still in dark. Well it didn’t take long before a young fellow moved toward him and started talking to him. That was exactly what I wanted, but my phone rang, Dmn!!!!! I had to answer it . I tried to make the phone call short, so I could listen to them, but unfortunately he left the bus before I was done. I was so curious and excited, so got myself together and asked the fellow if that old man was David Suzuki, and he said Yes! It was so flattering .For the first time, my hypothesis was proven to be right, what could be better than this!! I saw David Suzki, the Japanese-Canadian ubc zoology professor, geneticist, public lecturer, and environmental and civil rights activist who gained international recognition for his research into temperature-sensitive genetic mutations in fruit flies, work that won him, for three years running (1969-71). David Suzuki, who has more than 11 honorary university degrees, and was presented with the 1968 UNESCO Kalinga Prize for science writing, etc, etc…I was so excited. Honestly I never thought I would see a scientist in the bus. I still can’t believe my eyes, If I didn’t know him, I would have say he was a very ordinary man who was just struggling to live. It’s so funny how we just judge ppl from their cover and without any info. Well, getting back to my transportation problem, I still don’t like the idea of waiting for my ride at the bus stop, but I guess everything that we do in our lives has its pros and cons, even taking bus home at a cruel dark rainy night!! You could end up seeing someone that you can never see if you are driving ;)


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