Sunday, January 08, 2006

New Year or Me?

The waiter just came to refill our teas and he wasn’t just refilling. He was in rush, and he was splashing tea all over the table! He kept forgetting about my friend’s miso soup and honestly when he brought the soup, there was no spoon! After 10 minutes finally, we got a spoon plus waiter’s attitude on the house!! We all decided to not leave any tips for him with that poor service, so we left about total of 12 cents;) If you think this is unacceptable, check this out! We wrote a note and mentioned that next time, if they provided a better service, we will tip them and then we ran away fast! Come on, at least we justified our action and try to give them some hints for making more tips in near future! The next day, we went for brunch; there, we had a far worse waiter; He kept taking away our foods, and he brought the bill without us asking for it! How rude is that?!? Anyways, since our table was at the far end of the restaurant, choice of leaving no tip and running away wasn’t an option at all, so this time we decided to tip him less than 15% and SIT!! Yes we sat there for about 30 minutes after paying our bills. The waiter was so frustrated, but he couldn’t do anything. The way that we are progressing, I think next time we just dine and dash! That could be fun, but we have to make sure to sit in the patio in order to prevent any dishwashing in the restaurant! Now that I think about it, it really amazes me cause I truly believe that no matter what, you should tip your server and there were times that I had far worst servers and I tipped them. I don’t know what came over me. Could it be the New Year, am I losing my virtue and morality, or it’s just an older version of me who doesn’t believe in enforcing the inappropriate behavior anymore!


Blogger Farhad Mortaz said...

inappropriate behavior is bad!
2006 getting wilder.

2:04 PM  

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