Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Need a Reminder?!?

In general I am a low-maintenance kid, and I don’t have a demanding personality at all.Most of the time I do appreciate whatever I have in my life. (how lucky my parents are!! I always said that…. I am a miracle that happened to them ;) ) Saying all that, I would fool you if I say there was not a time when I wanted everything to be my way, and nagged recklessly for not having this, or that. Well, like everybody else out there sometimes I think I am the most unfortunate creature on the face of planet!! Inevitable feelings :(
It so funny how easily we view life as routine and ordinary, forget about our comfortable and amazing lives and start wanting more and more. I personally think, every now and then, we all need someone/something to remind us how blessed we are. Today, after a long time, I had my dose of awareness. Yes, a simple phone call and a short conversation with a dear friend made me to think how lucky I am. After I hung up the phone, I was ashamed of myself for not loving and appreciating every single blessing that I have in my life!! Well I am not a saint and I have no intention of preaching, but right now, I could be the reminder that u need to take a look at a your glass and see it as half full.


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