Tuesday, January 23, 2007

and here is mine!!

You feel like a work shake-up is the last thing you need, but don't shut down just yet. Once you get used to the initial changes, you might find that you actually prefer this new regimen. Try to keep an open mind.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Finally, I am feeling lucky!!

You are lucky if your father is rich and one of the luckiest if you have a rich husband too… As a girl I have heard this phrase a lot and I would say to some extend it’s true .( I said some , and some doesn't mean all!!! )Two days ago, however, I figured something new. Well, I'll be lying if I say new, so lets say I finally put my thoughts into words when I saw Cinderella man .

Cinderella man, what a movie! All you get from the movie is how to kill someone in a ring, not to mention there isn’t any Cinderella in it!! What is a movie without Cinderella? ;) How dare filmmakers abuse Cinderella’s name these days!!
This Cinderella-less-movie is the story of this dedicated dad who is willing to do anything to bring milk to the table. Watching this movie I could finally put my thoughts into words:
If you are poor and alone, you are still lucky, but if you are poor and have kids then you have nothing to do with luck and all u are dealing with is “pain”. This is what I call the biggest pain of all and nothing could torture you more than seeing your kids sleeping hungry :(

I love the movies that are based on true stories and Cinderella man is one of them. Although the story is so cliché , this movie somehow touched me, and made me realize that I am still one of the luckiest ppl, even though I may take the dream of having my favorite watch and many more dreams to the grave ;). Me, I can handle , but kids and not having enough money to even feed them , I don’t think so!!!!!

Moral of story: First, Even though you don’t have the rich dad, don’t be disappointed, find that rich husband so you can always have fresh milk in your refrigerator .Second, never ever let a film title deceive you !! Finally, Russell Crowe "Rocks", not as a dedicated dad, but as an amazing actor, so always watch his movies!Trust me in this one ;)

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Sooner or Later...

Coffee beans, just like ppl,
They can sit on your kitchen counter,
Hide in a sealed bag for a long time,
Loose their color, taste, and odor,
Or sooner or later they can be grinded,
be brewed,
And that’s when you can say if they are
Earthy, nutty, smoky, spicy, or sweet,
And that is when the brewed coffee makes the difference
Difference of making the medical student to stay up all night
and ace the exam,
Do you understand?
Do you?

If you want to bring out your smell and taste,
Sooner or Later
You have to be grinded,
It’s just a matter of time,
And I believe in sooner,
but I don't practice my beliefs,

So now you know why I am not a big fan of coffee beans
Their looks alone doesn’t do it for me,
I wanna taste them
Smell them,
And learn to love them grinded

And I wish you knew how many ppl envy you,
You are walking on crusted snow
And I am watching you from the top floor ,
I see the envious shadow that follows you
So, believe me!
Believe me,
And start to love grinded beans..
And continue walking on crusted snow...
I am watching you...

Sunday, December 10, 2006

بگو ای یار بگو

بگو ای یار بگو
ای وفادار بگو
از سربلندعشق برسرداربگو
بگو ازخونه بگو
از گل پونه بگو
از شب شب زده ها که نمی مونه بگو

بگوازمحبوبه ها
نسترن های بنفش
سقره های بی ریا روی سبزه زار فرش
بگو ای یار بگو
که دلم تنگ شده
رو زمین جا ندارم
اسمون سنگ شده

بگو از شب کوچه ها
پرسه های بی هدف
کوچه باغ انتظار
بوی بارون و علف
بگو از کلاغ پیر که به خونه نرسید
از بهارقصه ها که سرشاخه تکید
بگو ای یار بگو
ای وفادار بگو

Saturday, December 09, 2006

After 4

Finally I am back . It’s been few days that I wanted to come and see missing piece, but somehow everyday passed me before I could catch it .
During last week almost everything night I felt like writing something, yeh I wanted to write…

I wanted to write how last Wednesday when my I pod chose یکی بود یکی نبودfor me, I suddenly went back to 3 years ago and I remembered how my first scrap on orkut was مثل شب مثل شراب تو پر از وسوسه ای.It reminded me the times that I sang it for papaya .Wow, how fast time flies, and how much I still loveeeeeeeeeeeee this song, I guess something beautiful will always stay beautiful....

I wanted to post more pics for Papaya from her Snowy City while I still don’t get why she likes my stupid pics . Well, maybe after her mind being f***** with her Anatomy and histology books , then my pics seems to come from heaven. Whatever her reason is, I just wanted to take advantage and post some for her ;)

I wanted to write about how again seeing my “old memory” made my heart aching and it was then that I asked myself why I can’t get over my stupid stupid feelings. I tried to find an answer for it, but the more I thought, the more I started to refresh my memory and I didn’t wanna do that , so I concluded that every time that u decide to like an aerobic creature , u leave a piece of your heart behind, and you can’t just claim it back,So you better try to live with the remaining piece and make the best out of it.....

I wanted to write about my new haircut and how much I hate it, and how the candian hairstylists never get that I don’t want to look like mushroom or a 50 year woman. I was complaining about my last haircut and never knew that worst than bad actually does exist and I am no exception of being the victim .......

I wanted to write about how one day I lost my voice because of my sore throat, and the other day lostmy appetite because of my nausea.. I want to talk about viruses and my hatred toward them as they never go away with antibiotics....

I wanted to post a pic of the biggest snow man that I have ever seen and talk about how every single person that passed that snow man poke it and when finally I got there to take a pic with the frosty, frosty was not the same cute frosty anymore. Well the rule is so simple, first come, first serve. World is based on these 4 tiny words.....

I wanted to write the lyrics of beautiful from James Blunt cause one night I heard that song after a long time and I really loved it cause beautiful is what I went through at one point....

Yeh , I wanted to do all that, but every night I just passed out before I could even turn on my computer. Yesterday, however, was a different story cause I really wanted to leave some footsteps (as papaya says it) on missing piece. I really love missing piece , it’s somewhere that belongs to me and only me and I can write my mind and my heart without thinking about anything or anyone around me. To me, missing piece is my little carefree world that is embraced by the real cruel world .
I really wanted to write something yesterday but by the time that I got home and got inot my pjs, nothing looked better than my pillow …so history repeated itself again;)
Well,I missed yesterday and so many days before, but I thought today is my last opportunity to make up for yesterday, so here I am writing and my writing is all over the place , but the best news is that I am ok with it and I really don’t care about it any more. it’s been a year and eventhough I didn’t make it to Harvard Medical school or the cover of Hello magazine ;) at least my attitude toward a lot of things including writing has changed.
So, here I am writing and loving my imperfect pieces. Recently I came to believe that life is all about loving your imperfections rather than perfections!!
Anyways, yesterday was a very important day in missing piece’ calendar. A year ago, on December,08 I decided to have my own blog ( Thanks to my dear friend, Farhad, who introduced me to the bloggers’ world at the first place). The day that I started it, I never thought it could last for 1 year, but it did , and I am sure from now on it will get better day after day cause I believe in missing piece..so Happy Birthday Missing Piece!!

Friday, December 01, 2006

Again last minute!!

Just one day, yes one day I went to downtown after a long time and that was enough for me to get sick….now besides burning in my skin I have a really bad sore throat and nothing from honey to pills seems to be helpful. My parents are leaving in two days, and I have a lotttttttt of stuff to do. I have about 72 hours to spend with my parents and I am a complete mess, and yes for the gazillionth time I left everything for the last minute and right before my dead line I got sick.So not fair, it always happens to me. Let's face it I am not the only person who leaves everything for the last minute, but I bet I am one of the few ppl who Miraculously get sick just before her deadline.. I don’t know when I’ll learn to not leave everything for the last minute!! I guess no matter what, I ‘ll never change, never learn my lesson and that sucks. Seriously, sucks and right now I suck at writing but since I can’t sleep, I thought of getting this out my system and where can be better than missing piece: host of my craps every now and then!!…. Actually yesterday something amazingggggggg happened and I wanted to write about it, but my high fever and sore throat didn’t leave room for anything, so I am planning to write about it soon. Maybe next week when I am off drugs .

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

SnOwEMbEr ;)

It was three days ago that finally after a month or so I decided to go to downtown, Robson to be more specific!

To go to BCBG and just try couple of dresses, look at myself in the mirror, fall in love with all of them and then the minute that I see the price tag I forget all about love , and believe that love is just something that fill in the loneliness of your heart, and nothing more .

I wanted to see ppl again.
I wanted to see those cute and hot guys in suites, the ones who wear pink ties with light gray shirts! Don’t get me wrong, by ppl I don’t mean just those hot suits; I mean ppl of all ages, races and …. I miss ppl after one week of staying in the house, and yes, suites happened to be on the top of my list ;)
I wanted to get a 24 from someone who always stands at the corner of Burrard and Robson and begs ppl to get a copy of 24.
Finally, I just wanted to get a hot chocolate
and drink,
and walk,
and think,
and take pictures,
and listen to music till my feet could not take anymore steps, and my hands could not hold anything, but a bus pass!! Yep, that was the plan ;)
So for those exciting reasons I decided to wake up early and get going, and suddenly there I was again standing in our door step ,but this time the white color of the lawn shocked me , not the leaves or our gayish neighbor!!!


… nowI knew in my heart that I have more reasons to remember November. I have been here for years now and haven’t witnessed a white November till three days ago…

Seeing snow, I forgot about everything from 24 to hot chocolate. To be very honest, not everything cause I couldn’t forget about my camera when everything was white..

I don’t know what is it about snow that makes me to love it so much. Maybe I love it cause we don’t have that much snow in our rainy city, but then I know my reasons are beyond this.

Maybe it was the closure of schools , but now I don’t go to school, and no one is even here to make a snowman with me, so that can’t be the reason for my excitment either…

Maybe sometimes I just have to like things without reasons, and maybe I should stop looking for reasons...
That day, I didn’t go out, but the day after finally I decided to go out, I wanted ice cream. I kid you not, suddenly I wanted Ice cream and suddenly that small Chinese supermarket looked even better than any other huge fancy supermarket.

So there I was ready to get going, and as I was wearing my lousy sweat pants I saw my ski pants in a box at the corner of my room which by the way looks more like a junk yard rather than a girl’s room now. Finally, my ski pants came in handy and I could used them, so I wore them and when I was leaving the house, my sister couldn’t stop laughing when she saw me in my sky pants. Honestly as long as I was all warm and happy I didn’t care if everyone would make fun of me or think I am crazy. After all I had paid too much for those pants and barely used them,so that day the opportunity presented itself and I had to take revenge!!!

Few minutes later, I left the house to get ice cream;instead, I ended up under the tree, and in the middle of icy streets with my camera.

Finally when I was so close to completely freeze from head to toe, and it was all dark, I decided to came home.

I came home and nothing looked white anymore .In fact, I was surrendered with orange, yellow and red colors and that was when I thought maybe sitting in front of a warm colorful fire was my reason for loving snow so much!

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Hmmmmmm Follow-Up

This morning before posting the pic for Hmmmmmmmmm, I hesitated a bit. I thought who would post a pic from her/his butt? I was just playing with its shades using picasa that my sister came and saw it. She said “if I were u I wouldn’t put such a pic anywhere, let alone my own page”. Well, I wanted to listen to her, but I thought why do I have to always pick my best pic?( not that I always do,but I try ;)
What is wrong with this pic? It’s a decent temptation scene after alll ;)
I was just analyzing this huge problem that I heard a familiar voice in my head, he came again and was whispering:

من نمی دانم که چرا می گویند: اسب حیوان نجیبی است , کبوترزیباست
و چرا در قفس هیچکسی کرکس نیست
گل شبدر چه کم از لاله قرمز دارد
چشم ها را باید شست
جور دیگر باید دید

Suddenly I had a flash back to my childhood, when I used to draw. I was about 8 that I started drawing. My instructor was this very cute old man with glasses, Mr. Hojabr! He was from Tehran, so I loved his accent and the way he dressed was so neat. He always wore vest and that looked so artistic to me ;)
Basically he was the first male that I was attracted to. Weird ha? ha ha ha
Anyways, I remember how I had to create an exact copy of my drawing model for him;otherwise, he would pick on the slightest mistake that I made and ask me to draw it again.Sometimes,I had to draw something over and over again in order to make it right.
I believe I was his student for about 4 consecutive summers. Even after that whenever I drew something, I tried to make an exact copy. My drawing had to be perfect, and that was the beginning of a perfectionist-missing piece.
Perfectionist, I was so proud to be one, and I would go out of my way to make everything perfect, but now that I think about it , it’s just waste of energy and time.
I try not to care about a lot of things anymore. It’s not that I changed my attitude over night , but I believe I came a long way. At least now, I can post a pic of my butt in missing piece, and write whatever I want , not whatever sounds perfect.If it was few years ago, thinking about it was a sin , leting alone doing it.
So here I am at the beginning of my imperfect path and trying to love it, cause loving what is perfect is not hard!


Temptation is fun...
giving in is even better.

Friday, November 24, 2006

بیا درویش بشیم ,خاکی و بی ریا شیم

بیا درویش بشیم ,خاکی و بی ریا شیم
قفل تن رو بشکنیم از من و ما رها شیم
بیا پروانه صفت به دور هم بگردیم
زیر چتر معرفت یک دل و یک صدا شیم
زندگی با کبر صفا نداره ,عالم فانی وفا نداره
اونایی که خاکی ان عاشقه دل پاکی ان
پیشه خدا عزیزن و شاه و گدا نداره
افتاده شو ,مغرور نباش
پروانه شو ,بی نور نباش
بیا درویش بشیم ,خاکی و بی ریا شیم
قفل تن رو بشکنیم از من و ما رها شیم