Saturday, November 25, 2006

Hmmmmmm Follow-Up

This morning before posting the pic for Hmmmmmmmmm, I hesitated a bit. I thought who would post a pic from her/his butt? I was just playing with its shades using picasa that my sister came and saw it. She said “if I were u I wouldn’t put such a pic anywhere, let alone my own page”. Well, I wanted to listen to her, but I thought why do I have to always pick my best pic?( not that I always do,but I try ;)
What is wrong with this pic? It’s a decent temptation scene after alll ;)
I was just analyzing this huge problem that I heard a familiar voice in my head, he came again and was whispering:

من نمی دانم که چرا می گویند: اسب حیوان نجیبی است , کبوترزیباست
و چرا در قفس هیچکسی کرکس نیست
گل شبدر چه کم از لاله قرمز دارد
چشم ها را باید شست
جور دیگر باید دید

Suddenly I had a flash back to my childhood, when I used to draw. I was about 8 that I started drawing. My instructor was this very cute old man with glasses, Mr. Hojabr! He was from Tehran, so I loved his accent and the way he dressed was so neat. He always wore vest and that looked so artistic to me ;)
Basically he was the first male that I was attracted to. Weird ha? ha ha ha
Anyways, I remember how I had to create an exact copy of my drawing model for him;otherwise, he would pick on the slightest mistake that I made and ask me to draw it again.Sometimes,I had to draw something over and over again in order to make it right.
I believe I was his student for about 4 consecutive summers. Even after that whenever I drew something, I tried to make an exact copy. My drawing had to be perfect, and that was the beginning of a perfectionist-missing piece.
Perfectionist, I was so proud to be one, and I would go out of my way to make everything perfect, but now that I think about it , it’s just waste of energy and time.
I try not to care about a lot of things anymore. It’s not that I changed my attitude over night , but I believe I came a long way. At least now, I can post a pic of my butt in missing piece, and write whatever I want , not whatever sounds perfect.If it was few years ago, thinking about it was a sin , leting alone doing it.
So here I am at the beginning of my imperfect path and trying to love it, cause loving what is perfect is not hard!


Blogger Asabani said...

Che keifi mide vaghti chand ta post ro poshte sare ham nakhoondam!

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