Tuesday, November 21, 2006

From Craving to Fall

Have u notice that sometimes seeing stuff doesn’t make u to notice them, and u only notice them when u really have to do something about them, with them or more. Well it happens to me all the time.
These days I am craving pasta so much and no one makes it for me, so today finally I decided to take some action and make some , not just for me, for everyone else too .See, I am generous, I just don’t make food for myself, I feed the army as well. Since we never have anything pasta related at home, I decided to go shopping first . After all I needed fresh lemons, tomatoes and parsley. For my mouth watering pasta everything has to be fresh. I left my place early in the morning and by early I mean not earlier than 10:00 ;) I was all dressed up and ready to hit the road, but everything changed the minute I opened the house main door. I saw our neighbor: that skinny guy who is married and I always question his marriage since I think he is gay. Honestly he is so gayish, if not gay , he is bi for sure. Anyways, I saw him getting rid of leaves, and then I looked at our lawn, which was covered with red, orange, yellow, and brown leaves, and suddenly it hit me! Yes, Fall is here. Actually fall was here a long time ago, but since I didn’t go to school, I did not noticed it…..omg I have to do something to bring green back again.
6 hours later, the lawn is green, the pasta is cooked with the help of fresh lemons, garlic, tomatoes, missing piece's hidden talent in cooking and my magic hands.
Finally the pasta is there, and everybody loves it except me, I think it’s so tasteless, but my mom is saying “food never taste good to the cook”, she just wanna make me happy by saying that, and I know my cooking wouldn’t get me a rich handsome boy friend like Lori’s in Gilmore girls ! I need to work on my cooking more,be less stubborn,and start to believe in some books called “cooking books”.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh My God!!

8:39 PM  
Blogger Missing Piece said...

what u want some pasta?!?

10:48 PM  

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