Tuesday, September 26, 2006

:Talk is Cheap!

: Don’t you see it ??????????
: Yes I see it, and ppl see it too, then why the one doesn’t see it?
: Well, I know u see it ,but through your eyes and your mind .
: What do u mean?
: I mean maybe to you that’s not even enough, but to the one, that's the one, The ideal. What else could someone ask for?
: The ideal????????
: Yes, the ideal, maybe you want more for the one. Maybe this time, you don’t see what ppl see.
: I still don’t get it !!!
: Look at it this way , ppl have to approve things they have, not u , so shut up and don’t interfere, and don’t think childish, and be realistic, and stop criticizing and judging ppl for what they choose, and do me a favor, please don’t tell me who is good for who, and,and,and
: I never did, but I always wondered.
: Well, didn’t someone told you that “Knowing is better than wondering” so now still wanna be a wonderer, or wanna be normal, just like your friends.
: I don’t wanna be a wonderer, I don’t wanna be a dreamer. Sometimes I just loose it, and I need time to get things out of my system.
: You can't loose it. U could loose it 10 years ago, not now. There aren't any dolls left for u to play with . Well on the other hand, you can loose it for the rest of your life if u want to.It's your life and your choice. By the way do you want to know why you loose it?
: yeh,Why?
: Cause u have time to loose it, or maybe you have nothing to worry about and you sit there and loose it….
: Or maybe you could say that I have too much to worry about and I loose it.
: What? Now you are talking non-sense. What do u have to worry about?
: ah ah, Please don’t tell me you know me inside out .Don’t tell me u know that I have nothing to worry about and please don't see my life through your perfect Chanel sun glasses.
: You are so rude. You are making fun me.
: Rude maybe , but I was serious about your Chanel sun glasses.
: whatever...
: Yeh, you are right,whatever!!! let's finish this talk cause talk is cheap!!


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