Sunday, August 27, 2006

Good Morning!!!

I am asleep, and I feel something is moving in my bed .I tell myself : “I am dreaming” and ignore the movement.
It moves again and again, and I can’t ignore it anymore.
What if it’s a soosk? It is getting scary now.
Scared, I open my eyes, and the first thing I see is my window. I glaze at it, and see fresh air and dim light that is starting to grow.

I am stunned by light, but I still don’t know what is moving in my bed, so I take a look at the far end of my bed and I see someone is watching me….I guess he was watching me for a long time and couldn’t waite any longer, so he decided to move and announce his presence

I get up, take a closer look, and wanna say Good Morning!!

but he wants to play. It seems he missed me while I was asleep, so I try to play with him for a while, but washroom is calling me.Unfortunately, I have to leave my bed and its mysterious guest alone now.

Coming back to my room, I wanna breath fresh air ,so I go to the balcony and all I see is light, life, and hope!

Sounds like a good beginning for a sunny day in Van.

Mornings were my favorite part of the day, and I could never believe a friend when she said “ every morning I wake up with pain” .Now, I know what she means. I feel it cause latelyevery day I wake up with pain. It’s the worst feeling ever.

Well, I have to start my day cause I think pain is temporarily, maybe not, but this is what I want to believe.

I have to wake up now or my day will be wasted!


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