Monday, August 14, 2006

"here are some presents from my past to you"

It was two days ago that Dr F. and I were talking about how we made a pact to meet in 10 years and it was yesterday that Papar was talking about it .

Our distance is not an ocean , it’s a Continent, it’s thousand kilometers, and to us that is nothing but a number and its unit( was it SI ?..don’t remember, don’t care and happy to be done with all those craps).
Anyways, this is how we wanted it to be.
I just got so excited when I saw Papar still remembers us , and our promises.
It feels good to know your friend thinks of the same think you do regardless of the number,
to know that you didn't just invest on all the craps from fake ppl to usless courses such as the one with Dr. Li, a woman who could barley speak English and excepted you to answer all of her brutal questions about those stupid plants!!!
It feels awesome to be able to tell your future “ here are some presents from my past to you” , to know that you are taking something with you and that thing is nothing but a friend who still reads the horoscopes and still wanna meet up in 7 years….


Anonymous Papar said...


....delam mikhaad begam behet,
Keh doost daaram behet begam,
Dooset daaram, dooset daaram, dooset daaram, dooset daaram....
Emrooz dorost 3 maahe'o 5 rooze ke nadidamet!!
Shouldn't I be studying 2 hours before exam??

7:51 AM  

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