Sunday, August 06, 2006

Kateh + Chillies

Anyone who doesn’t have a clue about me would take me to a restaurant for kabab, especially koobideh. Anyone who knows me enough can tell that I am the master chief when it comes to making “KATEH” instead of “RICE” and any one who knows me inside out can tell that my specialty is KATEH with some ketchup on top. Well don’t be amazed if you made some kateh that tasted like chuck, you wouldn’t mind some ketchup on top.
These days, I eat chillies with kateh and since chillies are too hot for me , I add some ketchup , hoping the sweetness of ketchup would cover the taste of chillies.
Think about it for a minute and you ‘ll conclude that something is missing in Missing piece’s brain.
Why would anyone eat chillies while one is covering the hotness with ketchup.
What is the point of having chillies then?
Why not just plain kateh + ketchup and no chillies?
I just don’t know and this tells me there are still too many things that I don’t know about Missing Piece.Interesting life, just when you think you know yourself inside out, something comes along and shock you about you!
My passion is learning about ppl ,their character, and their behavior. I try to find a connection between ppl’s attitude and the way they dress, eat, write, talk, and so on.
Now, I think one could easily find a connection between ppl’s attitude and the food they love, so the connection between me and my new recipe ( kateh, chillies, and ketchup)?? hmmm, lets leave this mystery hanging in the air!


Anonymous NAN...... said...

So, it's your new specialty.I miss your "ADAS POLO" sometimes :)

12:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can I have some??

11:22 AM  

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