Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Nothing But NONSENSE!!!!!

Just a little announcement before I go on: Zinedine Zidan is the hot guy of the month. Yes, he is bald , and Yes, I think bald guys are way too handsome! And no, I am not drunk. It’s just me in July!

Hot guy of the month

It’s too late for me to write anything, but then I, personally, am sick of my boring web log. I need to update it. My head is full of stories and life lessons, and it’s the life itself that doesn’t let me to put it into words.
These days, my days are hectic, my life is upside down, or maybe for the first time my life is where it should have been ages ago.
It’s in order.
Well S is everybody's favorite, but too much of it might decrease your G and that means your efficient energy is decreasing …S is dcreasing these days. I am just not used to un pocito of S ; it’s boring and it’s just not me, at least it’s not me + summer.
If it was winter, I would try to fit in, but summer, low entropy, and me??!?!?…No No and Nooooooo, thank you, No….
UNFORTUNATLEY for now I have to say Yes, cause No is not my answer!! So S is for sure decreasing , at least for the next month or so!

Anyways, I just wanted to write something and update this site, someone’s birthday is cursing The Missing Piece (It is my great privilege ofcourse ;) …
I wish I wasn’t exhausted and sleepy, so I could go on and make a difference here, but I know if I don’t write even this non-sense piece of crap, I wouldn’t be able to write anything else in July!!!
July, July, July, What a month!!!!!So far for me it was nothing but anxiety.… I want July to pass me by as fast as possible…I am sick of it and still have to suck it up for 20 more days…. I’m just exhausted, mentally and physically!! Next time I should find a proper word for this phrase “exhausted, mentally and physically”. May be F***ed!?! but then F***ed is old-fashioned, plus I can't Hold Shift and 8 three times whenever I write it down; too much work for a fucking word . I need a HOT NEW VOCAB. What could that word be? Any one?


Anonymous Papaya said...

It was on my horoscope that July July!! I didn't believe it!!
Just wanna to say we are in the same freaking boat!!

2:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very best site. Keep working. Will return in the near future.

2:49 AM  

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