Friday, June 09, 2006

I wonder what was it...

Well, today was suppose to be a complete perfect study day, and it was going according to my plan before I checked my email and found out that my enthusiastic readers are waiting for my update ;)..
Today’s mood wasn’t the best of all . I woke up while I was in the middle of the nightmare of Da vinci code and of course I was the one who had to find the code. Who knows maybe if I slept a little bit more, I would have had the Royal blood of Jesus. Bad timing!!!!!! I always do that.I don’t know how many more nights I have to be a part of Da vinci adventure .Now that I think about it, these days if you even see a movie , you have to pay the price for it. funny life !!!
Anyways, I woke up while my heart was literally jumping out of my chest ,went to washroom and suddenly it hit me, yes I looked different! I no longer had long hair. I looked 18 and believe me that moment was the only time that I didn’t wanna look 18.
OoopS! I did it again, I cut my hair and got ride of the long hair. It seems I am crazy and whenever I start to look a bit like fine lady, I get ride of the image and become that hippy/unattractive girl.That’s me , the self-destructing type,or it could be simply the season that brings out the worst in me.
Anyways,I tried to leave the washroom before my heart stop beating for real!!
Rest of the morning, I wasn’t in a good mood, till I clicked on internet explorer and as always BBC ‘s page opened and walaaaa..I saw: "World Cup 2006 –first day", and I wasn’t sad no more. It surprised me, cause I used to like football and yeh, my dad and I used to watch football games religiously, but I am not a die-heart fan any more! I mean, I still like footbal, but I don't have enough of passion for it to take my breath away.
I don’t know why I was happy, maybe it was the sport event, maybe it was the memories that I had from the last world cup, or maybe it was my Iranian blood which reacts instantly to the word “Football” . What ever is was , it made my day !


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