Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The way I went WILD.

Sun is shinning,
I love sun,
Sun is energy,
Sun is love,
Sun is flip-flops,
Green tea frappuccino,
and camera,

They woke up early,
Wore their running shoes,
I was still asleep,

They got together,
I was still asleep,

There were loud,
And I gave up my bed,

Weather was heavenly,
I remembered Papar,
She used to wear her running shoes,
And make noises with the crowd,
But now she wasn’t here,
I missed her,

I missed her,
And decided to wear my shoes,
Not running shoes,
The flowery ones,
My favorite ones,
They make me feel better,

In my orange shirt,
I looked fresh.
Got my Camera,
Left my place.

And that was how,
In a sunny spring day,
The sun runners, ran
And I got wild in my favorite shoes ;)


Anonymous Crazy said...

You make me crazy
Your feet make me maniac
you feel wild but asleep
I feel insane inside
I feel insane inside
You make me Crazy.......

3:07 AM  
Anonymous papar said...

I like you WILD,
that's the side of you that ignites me,
I like the sleeping beauty part too,
but not alone,
with GREEN frappuccino [spell check]
And the frappuccino is not the green tea one,
It's the reflections of the room which makes it look GREEN,
You make me feel green, see green, be green, and stay green....

9:50 PM  
Blogger Missing Piece said...

Papar, I am green cuz you are with me, you know I can be RED RED RED when I am with the RED XOXOXOXO

4:00 PM  

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