Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Have some mercy plz.

I was in the line to get a tea and there was this tall, slim, good looking girl in front of me .She ordered a drink with a pastry and wanted to pay it with her debit card. Her card was declined, so she said with this thick accent: "ok, I 'll just have the drink then" and tried to pay only for the drink (1.66 $) with her debit again. It declined again, and the server was furious, the ppl behind her were on fire since there was just one serve and a huge line up. I was just watching her and honestly to this day, I couldn’t believe that someone might not have $ 1.66 . Well, at least from now on, I know if I am not going through something that doesn’t say anything about its existence; a mistake that a lot of ppl make.
Finally, she left while everybody were giving her dirty looks as if she was a serial killer or something like it.
Anyways, she left the store while she was about to break into tears and I really felt the pain that she was going through; the humiliation was too much , let alone dirty looks .
I tried to see ppl behind me and to me they all seemed to be in their late 30s or 40s ( mature ppl , u know, not teen ages!!!) and I was like fuck you ppl, so u waited in line 5 more minutes, what is the big deal?!?!Be more understanding, that girl could be you since life has its own surprises!
It’s really sad to see how impatient, careless, cruel, and stupid ppl become day after day. There are few ppl who still kept their virtues and morality and if we could clone those ppl, then we would have live in a better place where ppl wouldn’t mind to waite 5 more minutes. By the way the saddest part of the story is still is to come , the girl in the line was wearing a Farbehar and yes, she was Persian !


Anonymous F.M said...

It is really sad dear bloger...
Farvahar bless you !

4:04 PM  
Blogger Missing Piece said...

The right spelling is farvahar? My limited knowledge can't do better than this :D

9:43 PM  

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