Wednesday, March 01, 2006

A Productive Day At Library!

I am in the library now, well I have been here since they opened the doors and hey I was so f***ing proud of myself to be here so early.
Lets face it, being here before opening hours doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll be studying all day. Since I came here I have done everything from reading magazines( come on, they are very important stuff in ppl, vogue, us, hello, and such magazines;), browsing on the internet, checking every single person who passed me( who all happened to be these amazingly breathtaking Asians) and the list goes on and yet didn’t touch my books. Now I can understand what did my friends mean when they were complaining about doing everything other than studying during exam period. I used to think of the whole concept as something silly and unreal. Today, I am the living example of that and this means: yeh such silly things do happen and despite my believes, I am no exception, and the worst part is that they might happen more than once ...Scary world, u get to experience things that you never ever thought would happen to you. I personally never thought one day I would wanna study and instead wasting time in anyway possible.
Let’s face a fact here; if I don’t get myself together soon enough I can end up being the professional time killer of the century in no time!!
I don’t know why ppl keep saying that life is short. I'm starting to believe that life is long enough for us to experience everything that one day we thought were silly and impossible! I think I said enough already, and I need to get real before I waste my whole day at library!


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