Sunday, March 12, 2006

Follow Your Madness

I have got a new disease these days, I just wanna read everything that is written everywhere, and this sort of reminds me of the first summer that I learned reading (Ages ago when I was young, wise, and restless!) I still remember that I used to read anything that was written anywhere and my mom and my sis would get so excited!
Anyways after 2 decades my old habit came back to hunt me, but this time no one gets excited while I am reading stuff, besides, sometimes I annoy ppl around me by reading craps! What can a 2 and a 0 do to your life is unbelievable!
Today before heading to the library I got a cup of tea, and as always I started reading on the cup. For the first time I saw something familiar on my cup.I never thought I would be seeing lyrics of one of my favorite songs on a Starbucks cup...Do you have any idea how exciting could that be?!
I love the idea of writing a collection of thoughts, opinions and expressions on this boring cups. Every time that I get a drink , the first thing that I do is reading my cup. I have to admit reading my cup is more exciting than the drink itself. Come to think of it , this is the modern version of reading coffee cups which is way cheaper, and of course you get to learn something other than listening to some craps that a fortune teller mumbles to you.
I haven’t met any one who get so much excited about reading their cups and the reality is that almost all ppl don’t give a F*** about what is written on their cups, but I still think this is a very interesting way of sharing a piece of information with a crowd. I feel so awkward now , I think I am the only pathetic person who pays so much attention to a cup, but then who cares as long as I am happy, I follow my madness...
Here is my reading of the day ;)

Let go your sorrow.
Let go your blues.
Coz I know tomorrow
is yesterday’s news.
Let go your sadness,
give up the fight,
follow your madness
and take flight ... take flight.



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