Thursday, March 16, 2006

Never Quit cause...

Today I was stuck in a Medical clinic for about 2 hours. Well, I can’t complain when you are a walking in-patient; you have no right to talk, let alone complaining. It really sucks when you get stuck in a place where you can’t complain. A lot of ppl might not care about waiting and not being able to speak out, but not me! I was going to tell the Dr, “oh yeh, on the top of N symptoms that brought me here, I have been experiencing backache since I was sitting still on your amazingly comfortable antic wooden chairs for about 2 hours!” but then I decided to shut my mouth and get the whole thing over with.
While waiting in the clinic, I was going through the magazines and I came across this interview with Lance in O magazine. In the interview, Opera mentioned that ppl used to think of Lance as this cocky individual who wouldn’t give a damn to media. I was so surprised to learn that about Lance cause in my opinion everyone could be cocky, but not my Hero,Lance!!
Defending himself, he was saying that it wasn’t all about him being cocky, and part of it was his shyness and then he mentioned how aging and life events changed him for good.
I personaly, believe "Time is the solution to everything”. Time for sure can convert an arrogant individual to a humble sweet heart if we just be patient ;)
Anyways, in another part when he was talking about how he battled cancer, he said “Pain is temporary, but quitting is forever”. This simple sentence of him got me so bad that I am here right now and writing another piece of crap, but then I believe any piece of crap has its own gifts.
Bottom line, never forget, if you quit that’s the end and you are doomed; just hang in there cause pain is temporary and "time" is for sure your friend most of the time ;)


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