Monday, April 17, 2006

Looking for Henkaloo and finding myself, interesting!!!

I'm too lazy to write too much details now, just know this much: It was a Sunny Saturday in Vancouver, and that day Robson street called everyone including “ The missing piece” for shopping. This means I went to all stores one by one and surprisingly enough at Artizia I found it!
I found Persepolis!!!
So interesting how u seek something and u end up with the other henkaloo*!!!
I was giving my friends some clues about my bd gift( I know that's rude and cheap, but then u are not dealing with the queen of dignity, u are dealing with me) and I ended up with Persepolis!!
Ok if u want to kill couple of hours and enjoy it, go ahead and buy Persepolis instead of a pair of useless flashy jeans or etc, etc!
Make sure to get both volumes!! The story of the return is even more interesting!!
Marjan Satrapi** portrayed her life in simple words and sketches. I love and adoreeeeeee her simplicity!! Somehow, I think that our characters overlap so much with the exception of her being this famous writer and me being this Famous Blogger ;)
Anyways, Read it and see how stupid, spoiled, and shallow u are and try to be a better person; maybe someone that u used to be and u lost it for a while or maybe a “new you”, someone that u love to become from now on!!
keep reading and I bet you feel that u need to get real and stop nagging for the little stupid things that happen to you!
Start reading and maybe at the end, u 'll think of writing a biography of your own…mmm…. that’s something that I love to do ,but to love something doesn't mean doing it!!!!!!
Let's face it, it will be very interesting if I ever do it ! I have so many untold stories, so many of them and they could buy me a fortune one day!! Who knows, no one, or maybe you and me know a little more than the rest ! Did I make any sense? I bet not, and even if I didn’t, I don’t give a damn! Do u?
Just read the books and you get me more...keep on reading and see if you fall in love with Persepolis the way I did!!!

*According to the missing piece dictionary: Noun; The common word that is used instead of thing in farsi.
** Simple, yet sophisticated.


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