Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Me And You made my MAY

May 01- A Precious little brat turned 27. ( yeh, you read it right , Little and 27)Seven is a lucky number, let’s hope she grows up and nags a bit less this year.

May 03- Sexy knee length shorts were discovered and purchased by “TMP” and the gang.

May 04- Someone turned down a strange and funny offer. TMP picked up the Glass.

May 05- TMP’s favorite flew to Van.

May 06- My Valuable Cd Collection (including the Crazy album that was a gift from Dr. Papar ) was lost. A little birdy got drunk. A sexy saghi forsure knows how to make Vodka Cranberry.

May 07- After reading my “hot chocolate” cup, I was told that I will be very successful in future

May 08- Van was ½ empty.

May 10- Van was completely empty,Papar became Papaya again and TMP became blue again!

May 11- I went commando.

May 12- to May 17 – A commando's life got her thinking!@#$%^&*

May 18- Happy Birthday to …Happy Birthday to …. Yummy Dinner ;)

May 21- TMP’s Visa was maxed out!! No more shopping till she gets rich and successful.

May 22- The jury came up with TMP sentence: “ Once and for all put the glass down”

May 23- The glass was down for real!!! Finally;)

May 25- A weird night, The glass was down.TMP was down, but proud.

May 26- Minor depression was cured by watching “Pride and Prejudice” . The new version is much recommended. Base on TMP studies Pride and Prejudice has been an effective way of decreasing the depression level in females.

May 29- A dear Friend had entered the scary world of Grads. Congratulation Grad 2006 ;)..hats off to you !

May 30- A shocking email was received early in the morning. Sun is shinning after a long time. TMP is happy and green.

May 31- I try to cherish the last day of my month and be green, I think I scored high. Overal an A month.
June 01- To be continued…


Anonymous SANAZ said...

I didn't know you can be a writer. WOW,

11:03 PM  
Blogger Farhad Mortaz said...

You are doing a good job in here...afariin Green Heart !

5:34 PM  
Blogger Missing Piece said...

Only “good”? I thought I was doing “ Excellent” ,way to go , ha?

11:55 AM  
Anonymous Papar said...

I love your MAY, or MAYbe it's just the way you have put it into words, Yea, MAYbe it's decorated by your magic vanilla powder and chocolate icing, and you blew Green Inspiration onto it!! I guess I have mixed up Physio with Chocolate cake recipe and you!!
Or MAYbe I am too much messed up!! I sure am....
Something interesting, funny, scary, sad about that whole Vodka Cranberry. People look at things from different perspective, and see different things, and change someone's day, mood, and destiny.
I will narrate the story for you later:)
Stay Green Mi Amor:)

12:35 PM  

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