Thursday, June 15, 2006

This is not a POEM!!!

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Just a note from last night.....

Tonight is the night
I wanna scream, but I can’t break the silence.
Ppl are sleeping and I can’t just scream,
Now that I look back I never screamed!
Didn’t wanna wake anybody up,

Something is burning inside me,
I wish I knew what it is,
I think I will never know,
And this would be my only secret,
A strange secret,
But I feel it,
I am looking for something,
I do!

My head is too heavy,
That’s why I am looking down,
My eyes are closed,
So I can only see black,
I hate black,
Now sky is black with no stars,
Breathing is hard this late,
Or maybe I am too lazy for breathing

I could be hopeless because of nothing
Nothing could be anything
And I simply don’t give a fuck about both,
Cause I care about some things
Something like ….You name it

I don’t wanna write a poem,
I just wanna yell,
It’s a strange feeling,
I wish I could put it into words
That way I would feel lighter
Why I can’t scream now,
Why? So many Ys.
I hate Ys
And if I do, would my heart get colder?
Would that fix my messed up mind?

I am tired,
I waited too much
Can’t do it anymore
I need a way
A way that ends somewhere other than my mind
Somewhere crispy

And this is not a poem
This is me at 12:32 a.m while I am tired of life and can’t sleep ,
While I hope to start tomorrow and laugh at this, so remember this is not a poem
This is me acting strangely at a dark night!
Or maybe this me + Amoxicillin ;)
Waite a minute,
OoopS! I had to take my pills 1 hour and 40 minutes ago…..I am gone!
But before leaving, hear me out:
I ‘ll be me again tomorrow cause I believe tomorrow is a sweet day.
And I shine when the day is sweet ;)


Anonymous Popeye said...

This is not a poem, it's a master piece!! Oh no, I'm talking about this comment I'm writing, not the original one!! Sorry for giving you hope initially, and then crashing it down!!
It's takes her long to learn the way, but once she finds it, she won't forget.

1:00 PM  
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