Tuesday, July 18, 2006


I was reading, chapter 9, circulatory system, same old craps about valves, veins, arteries, RBC, Heart....and suddenly I saw a note on the border of the page , it was written by me and dated June,20,2003...I stopped at the point and noticed that I am still at the same point that I was 3 years ago, oh, actually I am not at the same point , I am almost 1 month behind of that point( that's even better!!!!!!) ..That's sad , and by sad, I mean the kind of sadness that crushes your heart into billion pieces and fuck your mind in an irreversible manner. I wish I could do something about it, now can't think of doing anything other than writing my note from June,2003 :

من نمی گویم سمندرباش یا پروانه باش
چون به فکر سوختن افتاده ای مردانه باش
It's seems after 3 year I am still far away from "سوختن"


Anonymous Anonymous said...

There are people who don't even know what "sookhtan" is, don't want to throw themselves into fire, just wanna jump over it,
They don't wanna be butterflies,
They don even know butterflies fly around the flame, throw themselves in it, and burn "like a man!!"
The more you know, the more you suffer....We had heard it before, now we are feeling it, aren't we??

5:31 PM  

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