Saturday, July 15, 2006

I HATE to Hate

I saw them again and I could see hatred in their eyes. If I was not sure of myself, I would think that I have done something horrible to them in my other life.
Sometimes, I ask myself why? Why would they hate me when they got nothing from me,but respect.
I hated to hate them and tried not to, but the harder I tried , the harder they tried , and at one point I surrendered !I said to myself if they want it , fine by me, they can have it!!
Hatred is infectious !!!!!
Now I HATE them , and I mean it, I hate them from bottom of my heart and their mission is accomplished. Funny life and its pathetic losers!!!!!

ppl hate you for no reason and make you to hate them for no reason.
Well, if you think about it a bit more, you see that they hate you because of you being you, and at the same time they make to hate them because of them, being them!
Sooooo, here I am having the choice of reflecting hatred or absorbing it, and I go with the former option,. Sound fair? I bet, but not to me cuz,
I hate the word “HATE” ,
I hate to say it , I hate to feel it,
I hate to be forced to “HATE”,
and most importantly I hate to waste a space on Missing Piece to write about “HATE”.


Blogger The Mysterious Me said...

I have been on the same page too. But you should know that sometimes we hate ppl and that hatred causes a feeling that make us feel the person we hate, hates us.
Yes, they hate you bc they are so damn jeleous of you

12:56 PM  

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