Sunday, August 06, 2006

In Love Again .

I don’t believe in love, and I believe Love is just the excuse that ppl need to justify their actions, or fulfill their needs.
L O V E by itself is nothing if it is not conditioned by other things. Love is nothing but $ , M.D, ,Obsession, habit,Tiffany & Co,CEO, 11 minutes, , maserati, penthouse, yacht and the list goes on…...
I never thought I would fall in love again, but there I was with "the one" at the same place. The first time we met, I said yeh he is cute , but I never wanted to give my heart away. I have done it before and it’s a huge mistake since the last thing ppl care these days is your heart. That night he tried to make himself sweet and I knew that was a trick , and didn't want to fall for it but the minutes that I started to think about him, I knew I was in for a bumpy ride. After that night, I started talking about him with nam name baroon, thinking about him, and got to a point that I had to see him again, but I couldn’t do anything, I wish I was the type who could approach, but I can’t, it is just not me, I prefer to let go , keep my ego and go through the shit . I am not a fighter and I 've heard that, I can’t be a lover if I am not a sad is that.
I waited.Only God knows how much I hate waiting.
I waited ,thinking about him and wondered if he even remembers me. Just about the time that he was going to be history ,a kind of history that stays mystery for ever( my expertise), I heard from him, and now he is here, by my side, or I should say I am here by his side ;)
He is simply the best,
better than all the rest,
better than anyone,
anyone I 've ever met...
He never makes noises when I am asleep. Eats the same food every day and never complains. Every morning I wake up and see him standing in front of my door, glazing at me, that’s when I can seethe passion in his eyes and feel that he missed me while I was asleep. He literally misses me, isn’t that a miracle ;)
I can leave my place all day, go out, hang out with my friends, come back late and open the door, and seeing him sitting in front of door waiting for me instead of yelling at me and asking me where the hell I was. Tell me when was the last time that some one waited for you so patiently with a heart full of passion.
On the top of everything he is one of the most gorgeous creatures I've seen(Especially after taking a shower ;) , if you don’t believe me , be the judge yourself.

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Anonymous Pat said...

You put me at work again!! and again!!
I have to confess although I don like them, the combination of her color is just amazing. Pink of the tongue, blue eyes, and the black shadows over her white....:)

1:29 PM  

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