Wednesday, August 09, 2006

and in no time I wasn't feeling gravity anymore....

I don’t feel gravity anymore.
I am light, and it’s not because of the sun.
It all happened that day when I couldn’t sit there anymore. I knew if I sat there one more minute, my heart would explode. I had to leave as I couldn’t breath easily. My inner voice screamed at me, and I left my seat.
I ran downstairs and went out of the building, sat down, and looked around like a newborn. I didn’t know what I was doing there.
I grabbed my phone and dialed 604…. hoping to hear a voice, a voice that could listen to me. I talked and opened my heart. I spoke my mind, I expressed me, the confuse wanderer in the rainy city.I talked and talked, and the phone was listening .The more I talked, and the more the phone listened, the lighter I became .
I realized it was time, I had to either take the risk and challenge it or go back to the donjon of my own thoughts; go back to my seat, sit there long enough so I could choke my inner voice and consequently me!
I didn’t want that for me, I wanted to crush that seat to million pieces so I could never be able to miss that miserable empty wooden chair!!
I paused for a minute and my mind saw it, the second chance, and as simple as that I decided to take it .
I knew for sure that I didn't belong to that seat anymore, so I hung up the phone went back to the donjon, but this time I went there to pack up my stuff, my heart and my mind instead of sitting in my chair. I left the building and suddenly I felt light. The more I walked, the lighter I felt, and in no time I wasn’t feeling gravity anymore.......


Blogger The Mysterious Me said...

Maybe that moment has been a turning point in your life. Sometimes our inner voice command us to do stuff.You should listen to it honey. I am happy to see you feeling all light and stuff.

12:40 PM  
Anonymous NNNNN said...

I can see you are finally making the decision. I'm proud of you no matter what happens next, U should know that there is someone,somewhere who loves you and care about U. No matter sometimes how crazy u get:)

1:03 PM  
Blogger Caribbean Papaya said...

The feeling is right,
The time is tight,
The door is shut (behind you)
So don't look back,
Go for it, it's time to pack
BUT remember,

2:00 PM  
Blogger Missing Piece said...

I have been at home for long, now I need to GO BIG...

9:56 AM  

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