Tuesday, September 19, 2006

I simply forgot to add water!

It’s after midnight and I am hungry. I wanna eat something and the last thing that worries me is my weight, so the decision is made and I am heading to the kitchen .
Lets see, we do have chips, but I just can’t have them anymore. I am fed up with junk food. Real food , that’s what I want. How about some “kateh”, but then we don’t have ketchup, so I decide to settle for the next best thing which is Penne Pasta.
Now, all I need is to boil some water with pasta, add sauce, and bingo I have real food.
Is it really the definition of real food , or I am setting a bad example here?!?!? Whatever!!!!!! Like I care about food industry and examples.
So to begin, I grab a frying pan to boil some water. Waite a minute, Frying pans for boiling water? Of courseee, only if missing piece is “the iron chef”. I put the pan on the oven, and turn it on to its maximum heat, and am about to fill it with water, but my brother is calling me and I am leaving the kitchen.
Ten minutes later, something smells. OooooooooopS, I forgot all about water, and the frying pan is frying alone. I run to the kitchen, move the pan from the oven, turn it off, open the window to get rid of the smell and suddenly, I hear something. Wow, it’s harmonic. It’s always been there, I have heard it too many times, but this time, I decide to notice it and listen to it religiously other than just hearing it.
I stand there for few minutes and listen. It sounds so pure, so sincere,so original and so fresh.
I Listen and ask myself “why I haven’t been noticing this amazing sound for ages?”.
I remember how I loved to listen to the sound of rain when I moved from a city with a sky full of stars to a city with a sky full of clouds years ago .
Well, I guess we are people, and for people the most amazing things could get boring and ordinary.
I guess we are ppl, and capable of taking the most beautiful things for granted if they are around for so long.
We are ppl, those who never appreciate things they have and chase things they don’t have .
I was drowned in my thoughts when my brother who was sitting in the living room mentioned the bad smell and how horrible I am at cooking.
He thought I burnt the food as always, and seriously I didn’t want him to know that this time I went one step further and burnt the frying pan, so I was happy with the horrible cook label;)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

At least you have some pots & pans to burn out....
We don have many. Only 1 big one, and 1 small 1, and they are both NOT FOR MEAT:)
We went Ghaablameh shopping, and we couldn't afford any:(
So stop burning them!! There are people who don't even have one!!

7:28 PM  
Blogger Missing Piece said...

I guess u lived way more luxurious life in dehattttt…u make me laugh girl , and by laugh,I mean the kind that hurts ur stomach muscles ..u probably know the names by now....By the way, finally I got to see my own page today..isn’t that just great!!

9:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am happy I am making you work out those muscles:) Iwant you all ripped!!

5:11 PM  

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