Tuesday, October 24, 2006

..and here is that last place I could be....

Almost 12:00
I feel so tired and sleepy.I had about 4-5 hours of sleep last night, the night before, and the night before “the night before” and ….
Tonight, I have a feeling that I ‘ll pass out before even seeing my pillow ;)

2:56 a.m
I saw my pillow N times, checked my watch N + 1 times, opened that thick green and white book and guessed some front views, back views , and some holes. I learned how to make lemon chicken from Barefoot Contessa . I listened to him, assuming his voice would clear my mind and shut my eyes!!

من آن موجم که آرامش ندارم
به آسانی سر سازش ندارم

هميشه در گريز و در گذارم
نمی مانم به يکجا بی قرارم

سفر يعنی من و گستاخی من
هميشه رفتن و هرگز نماندن

هزاران ساحل و ناديده ديدن
به پرسش های بی پاسخ رسيدن

Well, after listening to him for almost 30 minutes, I have learned that his voice triggered my sympathetic nervous system instead!!!!

Missing Piece is the last place that I could be for the night. I am sitting here typing and looking at the green pill that I got from my dad 3 nights ago.
The pill is sitting there and I can’t take it cause I don’t believe in it. Maybe I should let go of my so called believing-in-things–attitude and take the damn pill .After all that tiny little thing makes my life easier!!!
What else can I do , ha?
Oh my God, I haven’t count the stars in sky yet!!! Ta-daaaaaaaaaaaa…
Maybe I meant to end the night and my insomnia with the stars ;)
I better go counting..
Good night!


Blogger Asabani said...

Kheili jaleb misheh neveshteh haat vaghti ke vasateh oondoyai ke ba loghate engilisi misazi, shere farsi miari....
vaghean jalebe!

2:03 PM  

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