Friday, September 29, 2006

How much is your dream?

My parents are back from Iran, and that means I am always at their place.
Staying at their place means sleeping on sofa.
Sleeping on sofa is not as bad you think,but it means waking up no later than 8:30 a.m.
8:30 a.m and me , I don’t think so!!!!
Well, thanks God there is always a TV in the living room, right in front of sofa!! So, all I have to do is to set the timer at 8:00 and on CNN.

…oh no, not again, these CNN reporters are going on my nerves early in the morning; I didn’t mind Anderson cooper, but apparently he likes to sleep in the morning, just like me!!!
I was just about to get the remote and turn the TV off that I heard “Anoushe Ansari”, the first female space tourist, scheduled to launch to the international space station on Monday.
What??? I got so excited and removed the blanket to see her picture . Waite a minute , I have seen her before somewhere.Oh, yeh on the cover of a magazine years ago and now she will be in the history books for years to come.
I heard her name, the name that not only inspired me, but also, a lot of females, a nation, and the world.
She is not only the 4th space tourist. She is the first female Space tourist, the first Iranian space tourist .
To her the limit wasn’t sky, it was space .I heard her name and questioned myself and my limits.
She always wondered about the space and now she lives in her dream, and from now on she is the dream itself.
If she could make her dream come true and go to space, so do you and me. There is a difference between our dreams though cause I would never dream about something as expensive as a 20 million dollar trip. Would you?
What is the price of my dream? I don’t know!
Maybe my dreams are very cheap and that’s why I can’t achieve them.
Maybe if they were more expensive then I would try harder to make them come true.Maybe…Maybe..Maybe…
I just know that every cell of my body is excited about Anoushe's dream and if she went to space , the least we can do is to make our earthy dreams come true.
How does it feel to live your dreams?
Have you ever wondered?
I always do…..


Anonymous Anonymous said...

wonderful post!
I loved it...How much is our dream?You start dramaticly..and finished it thoughfully!
well done Dr joooooooooooooooooooonnnn!

5:18 PM  

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