Friday, September 29, 2006

I wish upon them.

Stars, stars, my old friends stars,
I look at the stars,
And wish upon them,
I don’t wish to touch them,
No, I don’t
I am not Anoushe,
I don’t wanna go that far,
Far was never my thing,
Then what is my wish,
I look at them again,
They are so get-together
So shinny,
So calm
So gorgeous
Now, I am jealous!!

They remind me of my city,
City of stars,
I miss watching them from our roof
I miss so many other things,
But missing doesn’t mean anything really,
Missing doesn’t matter anymore,

I look at them again and think of my wish
My dream,
My life,
What is it?
Med school, that penthouse, or the Rolex watch,
I wonder,
But I shouldn’t wonder,
I should know,
And I know
I know that those are not my dreams,
I lost my dream somewhere , sometime
Sometime when I didn’t care enough to look at stars for a minute
And now I wonder about them,
I look at the stars and I know
This time I know what I want
I want “peace of mind”,
So I gaze at them and I wish so hard upon them….
May stars welcome me after all these years.
Lets wish for that first!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did you go up, and steal the stars from the sky?
Shoot for the stars, but remember not to look straight, use peripheral vision too; i.e., look around. There's more you don't know exist. In front of you, you see Wesbrook Mall, Above, you see the Moon....Look around, thre's more they would make you happier than the moon, and the stars, and yet you don't know it;)

11:35 AM  
Blogger Missing Piece said...

I didn’t steal the stars, they were given to me when I was younger and stronger,but not wiser, so now they are just a reminder of days of my life..2003..I am trying to look around, peripheral vision maybe..2006

2:46 PM  

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