Wednesday, November 15, 2006

I kid you NOT!!!

It was about 46 days ago that I wish upon stars and asked for “peace of mind”. Well now that I think about it, I was so naïve to ask for peace of mind while I don’t have the very basic necessities of life.
Today I noticed that no matter how much I ask for something, I might easily not get it. Every time that I look for my seat in the plane , I just hope to not find my seat right beside a damn little baby who just cries non-stop during the flight and makes me nuts.
Three days ago, finally for the first time in Canada (I kid you not), for the first time I found my seat far away from new moms and their little crying dolls, but my luck didn’t last as there were 2 seats empty in my row and the flight attendant asked a new mom and her 9 month old daughter to come and join me, and that was when I really believed in my luck!!
Well, whenever you think something is bad, then something beyond bad happens and makes you to just shut your mind and never categorize anything under the bad list. Today, I ended up being surrounded with eight Chinese plus a baby who made sure to not even miss one minute and cried all the time. How unlucky someone can be?!!?!?! For me it is always like that, When I hate something it happens to me before I know it . So there I was trapped in the plane with the Chinese crowd speaking Chinese loudly, the little brat, my hands, one heavy heart, a confused mind, a napkin, my I pod , and a black pen.....


Blogger Asabani said...

My life is full of photos photos!I write for photos:D
And i love this one!!!!

4:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very unfortunate:( I might be the only one who would believe you!!
Very very nice picture.... I love the poems it's decorated with. You are amazing. Too much talent I can't handle;)

4:53 PM  

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