Friday, December 01, 2006

Again last minute!!

Just one day, yes one day I went to downtown after a long time and that was enough for me to get sick….now besides burning in my skin I have a really bad sore throat and nothing from honey to pills seems to be helpful. My parents are leaving in two days, and I have a lotttttttt of stuff to do. I have about 72 hours to spend with my parents and I am a complete mess, and yes for the gazillionth time I left everything for the last minute and right before my dead line I got sick.So not fair, it always happens to me. Let's face it I am not the only person who leaves everything for the last minute, but I bet I am one of the few ppl who Miraculously get sick just before her deadline.. I don’t know when I’ll learn to not leave everything for the last minute!! I guess no matter what, I ‘ll never change, never learn my lesson and that sucks. Seriously, sucks and right now I suck at writing but since I can’t sleep, I thought of getting this out my system and where can be better than missing piece: host of my craps every now and then!!…. Actually yesterday something amazingggggggg happened and I wanted to write about it, but my high fever and sore throat didn’t leave room for anything, so I am planning to write about it soon. Maybe next week when I am off drugs .


Blogger Farhad Mortaz said...

Hope you got better Dr jan...

4:37 PM  

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