Wednesday, November 29, 2006

SnOwEMbEr ;)

It was three days ago that finally after a month or so I decided to go to downtown, Robson to be more specific!

To go to BCBG and just try couple of dresses, look at myself in the mirror, fall in love with all of them and then the minute that I see the price tag I forget all about love , and believe that love is just something that fill in the loneliness of your heart, and nothing more .

I wanted to see ppl again.
I wanted to see those cute and hot guys in suites, the ones who wear pink ties with light gray shirts! Don’t get me wrong, by ppl I don’t mean just those hot suits; I mean ppl of all ages, races and …. I miss ppl after one week of staying in the house, and yes, suites happened to be on the top of my list ;)
I wanted to get a 24 from someone who always stands at the corner of Burrard and Robson and begs ppl to get a copy of 24.
Finally, I just wanted to get a hot chocolate
and drink,
and walk,
and think,
and take pictures,
and listen to music till my feet could not take anymore steps, and my hands could not hold anything, but a bus pass!! Yep, that was the plan ;)
So for those exciting reasons I decided to wake up early and get going, and suddenly there I was again standing in our door step ,but this time the white color of the lawn shocked me , not the leaves or our gayish neighbor!!!


… nowI knew in my heart that I have more reasons to remember November. I have been here for years now and haven’t witnessed a white November till three days ago…

Seeing snow, I forgot about everything from 24 to hot chocolate. To be very honest, not everything cause I couldn’t forget about my camera when everything was white..

I don’t know what is it about snow that makes me to love it so much. Maybe I love it cause we don’t have that much snow in our rainy city, but then I know my reasons are beyond this.

Maybe it was the closure of schools , but now I don’t go to school, and no one is even here to make a snowman with me, so that can’t be the reason for my excitment either…

Maybe sometimes I just have to like things without reasons, and maybe I should stop looking for reasons...
That day, I didn’t go out, but the day after finally I decided to go out, I wanted ice cream. I kid you not, suddenly I wanted Ice cream and suddenly that small Chinese supermarket looked even better than any other huge fancy supermarket.

So there I was ready to get going, and as I was wearing my lousy sweat pants I saw my ski pants in a box at the corner of my room which by the way looks more like a junk yard rather than a girl’s room now. Finally, my ski pants came in handy and I could used them, so I wore them and when I was leaving the house, my sister couldn’t stop laughing when she saw me in my sky pants. Honestly as long as I was all warm and happy I didn’t care if everyone would make fun of me or think I am crazy. After all I had paid too much for those pants and barely used them,so that day the opportunity presented itself and I had to take revenge!!!

Few minutes later, I left the house to get ice cream;instead, I ended up under the tree, and in the middle of icy streets with my camera.

Finally when I was so close to completely freeze from head to toe, and it was all dark, I decided to came home.

I came home and nothing looked white anymore .In fact, I was surrendered with orange, yellow and red colors and that was when I thought maybe sitting in front of a warm colorful fire was my reason for loving snow so much!


Blogger Caribbean Papaya said...

I love your snowember!! I've heard about it, and I'm so jealous I have to admit. As soon as I saw it, I said to myself: I know she got pix, I know she got pix!! And I love them, and showed them off:)
I still have to read it though, but I had to talk my feelings out:) LOVE:)

9:15 PM  
Blogger Farhad Mortaz said...

Beautifulzzzz Dr

6:52 AM  

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