Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Finally, I am feeling lucky!!

You are lucky if your father is rich and one of the luckiest if you have a rich husband too… As a girl I have heard this phrase a lot and I would say to some extend it’s true .( I said some , and some doesn't mean all!!! )Two days ago, however, I figured something new. Well, I'll be lying if I say new, so lets say I finally put my thoughts into words when I saw Cinderella man .

Cinderella man, what a movie! All you get from the movie is how to kill someone in a ring, not to mention there isn’t any Cinderella in it!! What is a movie without Cinderella? ;) How dare filmmakers abuse Cinderella’s name these days!!
This Cinderella-less-movie is the story of this dedicated dad who is willing to do anything to bring milk to the table. Watching this movie I could finally put my thoughts into words:
If you are poor and alone, you are still lucky, but if you are poor and have kids then you have nothing to do with luck and all u are dealing with is “pain”. This is what I call the biggest pain of all and nothing could torture you more than seeing your kids sleeping hungry :(

I love the movies that are based on true stories and Cinderella man is one of them. Although the story is so cliché , this movie somehow touched me, and made me realize that I am still one of the luckiest ppl, even though I may take the dream of having my favorite watch and many more dreams to the grave ;). Me, I can handle , but kids and not having enough money to even feed them , I don’t think so!!!!!

Moral of story: First, Even though you don’t have the rich dad, don’t be disappointed, find that rich husband so you can always have fresh milk in your refrigerator .Second, never ever let a film title deceive you !! Finally, Russell Crowe "Rocks", not as a dedicated dad, but as an amazing actor, so always watch his movies!Trust me in this one ;)


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