Monday, January 23, 2006

Ever-changing Taste or Unsatisfied Spirit ?!

Two years, such a long time. I can’t waite, and I wanna move in now, Right Now….
I still can hear tone of my voice in my head, and remember how excited I was about moving out of my parents’ place. Well, here I am without any enthusiasm or excitement whatsoever!
I’m confused, frustrated, and can’t believe myself. It’s like I am dealing with a stranger and that stranger is no one except “precious me”! SURPRISE, it’s my lost version!
Being lost in your own little life could be the worst pain of all. It frustrates you, pushes the limit for you, and takes you to the end of your life where nothing is waiting for you other than disappointment.
Something definitely happened to me that I’m totally unfamiliar with. Unbelievable!! for the first time in my life, I can’t diagnose my own disease …;)
Human nature is weird and unpredictable. One minute you die to have something, and put too much afford to get it. The next minute when you finally get it, you loose interest, you are tired of it and wanna move on. How pathetic is that?!?! Actually I have to say how routine is that in our daily lives. I always wonder what is the cause of such a behavior, is it our ever-changing taste or unsatisfied spirit?!? Well, either one can be disruptive and dangerous in its own way!


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