Friday, January 20, 2006

Dance like nobody is watching ;)

I couldn’t care less about my hair, my make up, my outfit, and overall they way I looked last night. I was so happy and relieved, as I didn’t have to wear high heels; I know they are sexy, but for God’s sakes they are uncomfortable. I can’t walk with them, let alone dancing!! For the first time, I wasn’t self-conscious about eyes that were following me around. I was just wandering around aimlessly and not worrying about who I was going to bump into. I wasn’t living my own life for few hours; I was this person who cared about nothing but enjoying the music all night, and dance with my comfy shoes;) The music was so loud and powerful. I could feel it penetrating in every single cell of my body. What am I saying, it was penetrating my soul. I was getting High without Drug. My drug was one-of-a-kind; it was “Music beats”. I was dancing like crazy, jumping, and screaming at the top of my lungs in the most energetic and carefree crowd that I had ever seen in Van city. No one really cared about my appearance or the way I danced . If someone bumped into me whether it was intentionally or not, they would give me a sweet smile instead of a dirty look. To me, last night was the real definition of heaven; a place that you can dance like no body is watching!( Yes, that place exists, you just have to look for it!) A place where ppl with different viewpoints, genders, backgrounds and races, gathered together in harmony for one and only one reason.They gathered to witness the famous Deep Dish .The Persian superstars I would say! Deep Dish simply rocked the house last night and I think every single Person who likes music should once feel their magic! It’s a must. As I anticipated, Persian population was about 5%, and it’s such a pity that a lot of Persians never get the chance to feel the beat of their own well-known superstars! Well, this is not shocking news to me! It’s so typical of us, Persians, to let other nations appreciate our treasures; in this case Deep Dish!


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