Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The way I went WILD.

Sun is shinning,
I love sun,
Sun is energy,
Sun is love,
Sun is flip-flops,
Green tea frappuccino,
and camera,

They woke up early,
Wore their running shoes,
I was still asleep,

They got together,
I was still asleep,

There were loud,
And I gave up my bed,

Weather was heavenly,
I remembered Papar,
She used to wear her running shoes,
And make noises with the crowd,
But now she wasn’t here,
I missed her,

I missed her,
And decided to wear my shoes,
Not running shoes,
The flowery ones,
My favorite ones,
They make me feel better,

In my orange shirt,
I looked fresh.
Got my Camera,
Left my place.

And that was how,
In a sunny spring day,
The sun runners, ran
And I got wild in my favorite shoes ;)

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

It Wasn't In Me To Give :(

Finally after almost 2 years, today I got myself together, and decided to donate blood, but then if something doesn’t mean to happen, you can’t force it !
I went to the donation center with the idea of saving someone else’s life with my precious “Red Blood Cells” while I, myself, need some blood to continue breathing!! I couldn’t donate blood cuz my RBC counts was bellow average! Funny ha?! To me it’s hilarious and sort of sad cause this time I really wanted to do it and I couldn’t. I hate disappointment, but then as a human you learn to live with disappointment.
The nurse in the hospital was worried about me and she was like you should see your family doctor and bla bla bla... She believed that I’m under stress and that's why my RBC counts is low. I was like what are you taking about, I’m too much stress free these days and this feeling sometimes freaks me out! I was going to tell her that I got this new disease and it's called stress-free disease.
I’m just disappointed now, I really wanted to donate blood, but when it’s not in me, how can I give to someone else!
I just noticed that I didn’t take off the sticker that they put on my lovely orange T-shirt while they still believed I was an excellent donor ;) It’s says “1st time donor”! I don’t wanna get rid of it . Maybe I am faking it now, but I will be a “Real” first time donor in 56 days, 112 days, or sometimes soon; I promise! It just takes some time and determination, and to me a promise is a promise.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Looking for Henkaloo and finding myself, interesting!!!

I'm too lazy to write too much details now, just know this much: It was a Sunny Saturday in Vancouver, and that day Robson street called everyone including “ The missing piece” for shopping. This means I went to all stores one by one and surprisingly enough at Artizia I found it!
I found Persepolis!!!
So interesting how u seek something and u end up with the other henkaloo*!!!
I was giving my friends some clues about my bd gift( I know that's rude and cheap, but then u are not dealing with the queen of dignity, u are dealing with me) and I ended up with Persepolis!!
Ok if u want to kill couple of hours and enjoy it, go ahead and buy Persepolis instead of a pair of useless flashy jeans or etc, etc!
Make sure to get both volumes!! The story of the return is even more interesting!!
Marjan Satrapi** portrayed her life in simple words and sketches. I love and adoreeeeeee her simplicity!! Somehow, I think that our characters overlap so much with the exception of her being this famous writer and me being this Famous Blogger ;)
Anyways, Read it and see how stupid, spoiled, and shallow u are and try to be a better person; maybe someone that u used to be and u lost it for a while or maybe a “new you”, someone that u love to become from now on!!
keep reading and I bet you feel that u need to get real and stop nagging for the little stupid things that happen to you!
Start reading and maybe at the end, u 'll think of writing a biography of your own…mmm…. that’s something that I love to do ,but to love something doesn't mean doing it!!!!!!
Let's face it, it will be very interesting if I ever do it ! I have so many untold stories, so many of them and they could buy me a fortune one day!! Who knows, no one, or maybe you and me know a little more than the rest ! Did I make any sense? I bet not, and even if I didn’t, I don’t give a damn! Do u?
Just read the books and you get me more...keep on reading and see if you fall in love with Persepolis the way I did!!!

*According to the missing piece dictionary: Noun; The common word that is used instead of thing in farsi.
** Simple, yet sophisticated.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

..And Finally Superstar of the Show ;)

Well, well, well, I am totally aware of what I am doing; I am showing off!
As I mentioned before sometimes showing off might take you places that you could never imagine; besides, I tried to show off just a bit, otherwise I would post all xillion pictures that I took yesterday ;P
I start to believe that this rainy city is the heaven on the earth and I simply can't leave this city!!


Sophisticated Moonlight ......